The Best Back-end Development Tools

Imagine if you had a car that was really nice and looked out of this world. You would surely want to show it to your friends and take it for a spin. Well, you could show it to your friends, but the problem is that they have to come to your garage to see the car.

You can’t drive it. It doesn’t run. The engine has problems and there might be some issues with the transmission. Oh boy. Do you buy new gear or do you find useful tools which can help you fix things and not do everything yourself?

You find the tools, of course, and the same goes for building a site. You don’t want to build the back-end on your own when you can use these great development tools to help you speed the process up and have fewer mistakes along the way.


It would be a crime to build a site and not use WordPress, simply because it is one of the most powerful and simplest tools for building sites. It used to be a tool for building simple blogs but it evolved and nowadays, when people want a site, they download WordPress and install it on their own and they already have a site. It’s that easy. 

You can download free themes or purchase premium themes and make your site into a really solid one without having to do almost any of the front-end and back-end work yourself.


Laravel is a PHP framework and it uses the model-view-controller pattern to do things. It is one of the most preferred frameworks for back-end development because it is versatile and is often used to make updates an easy process.

Back-end updates are problematic, which you can find out by updating your WordPress installation and its plugins. Everything is very likely to break. With Laravel, you can set things up so that they don’t break, which is probably why everyone likes it.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails or RoR is a framework based on the Ruby programming language. It is a great framework that uses the principle, convention over configuration, or CoC, which assumes what the developer could use to adhere to the newest web standards and does it for them.

It also allows for easy testing, debugging and of course, updating. Big companies use this framework, like GitHub. If one of the world’s leading sites for programming uses the framework, it should tell you something.


This web dev framework has been here since 2005, but it has kept up with the rest of them. It uses modern principles and makes application development very easy. It does a great job of generating links and overall doesn’t require a huge setup. One could say that it’s a piece of (PHP) cake to work with this framework.


Unlike the other ones on the list, Flask is a micro-framework, meaning that it doesn’t need any special tools or libraries to run. You can install it on its own and use it to insert various extensions and create interactive and useful web applications. 

These are the best back-end frameworks out there. There is no need to build the site from scratch when you can use these developer tools and organize things without breaking them now or in the future, when an update is necessary.

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