Tackling Automation; Which Programming Language Is the Best For This Task?

Having robots around would really be nice, wouldn’t it? Everyone having a robot that does a bit of work for them would make things a lot easier. Not only that, but even having some tasks sped up by an automated script would also make a lot of things more efficient, like manual labor.

It comes as no surprise that some repetitive and intensive jobs have been replaced by machines, which are automated. Physical automation is one thing, but automation on the software side of things is another. 

Here are the best programming languages that can be used to automate stuff.


Python is one of those languages that does everything right. It is easy to understand, but not only that, it is efficient in many tasks, as long as you write clean code. Given its extensive library support, Python is the perfect choice for automation testing and various tasks that require automation. Since it’s also a scripting language that is typically used on the server side of things, you can expect it to be at the top of the list for automation programming.


Microsoft knows how to release a good product, unless it’s an operating system. C# is in the C family of languages, a general purpose language which can be used for testing with Selenium. Selenium is important in automation testing because it is one of the best frameworks for the job.

C# only needs Visual Studio Code and you’re good to go with your automation testing. It works on iOS, Android, macOS, Linux and Windows, so you can do your testing on multiple platforms.


What’s a web language doing here? JS powers most of the web, namely around 97% of all websites. It is also a general purpose language, which people seem to forget. It has an interface for automation, called JavaScript Automation, which is shortened to JXA. This can be used to test various automation scripts. Apple has its own version, built using JXA, which is called AppleScript.


Being open source, PHP is a great language for automation testing, but also because it’s a scripting language frequently used in back-end development. PHP supports Selenium, which immediately makes it stand out in the list of languages for automation.


Java is cross-platform compatible, but is also a language which has wide support and that means, you guessed it, Selenium and other automation interfaces. You can’t really go wrong with Java when it comes to compatibility.

These are the best programming languages for automation. Try them and see for yourself, starting with Python, obviously. As you go down the list, you might find a language which suits your project better than Python, but it is generally recommended to start with it.

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