Is It Really That Difficult to Code?

We have heard time and time again that coding is a difficult thing to do and it really depends on the person doing it. Coding can be really hard, or really simple, depending on your level of knowledge. However, coding by itself is much simpler than something like programming, which involves many other concepts like teaching a machine what to do, directly interfacing with it and designing a program from the ground up.

Here are my thoughts on the difficulty of coding.

It Gets Easier With Time

For everyone who has ever tried to code, the beginnings had to be rough and difficult. Mistakes would have been made and hours of time would be lost trying to find a way to fix the said mistakes. Yet, if you want to advance, you have to go through these mistakes, either on your own, or by asking a senior developer for assistance.

However, once a coder or programmer gets enough experience, they shorten the time they take to solve issues and debug their software. Most time goes into debugging software, rather than into building the software itself.

Good Fundamentals Are Paramount

How many times will you see someone make mistakes and repeat them because they have no clue how an algorithm works, how a machine actually works. They have the basic idea, but lacking the knowledge of how a machine does things, how it executes code, can hinder your progress.

While you don’t have to deep dive into computer science, you could help yourself by learning how a computer works and what it does when you run your code. Good fundamentals can save you lots of time in the long run. 

Who wants to learn mathematics, anyway? A programmer who wants to succeed, that’s who.

Some Problems Are Mind-Boggling

There will always be that issue which you simply cannot solve and they can go on forever. Sometimes it takes a couple of days, sometimes a couple of weeks. It isn’t shameful to ask for help, that is the only way to grow. You have to be ready to sacrifice some pride to get better.

Coding can be a very difficult job if you skip on the fundamentals. Even then, it can be very challenging, which is not to say that it isn’t a great job or hobby. Try it and see for yourself, you might be born to be a hackerman.

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