Is Novi Builder Worth Using? Read This and Find Out!

Helpful tools in the world of web development have been popping up every single year, and the web devs are thankful for it, of course. The more competition there is, the better, albeit most of these tools are either free, or free enough for experienced developers to make use of them.

Today’s tool of choice is Novi Builder, which is a relatively simple site builder that has promised to revolutionize site building. Did it do that? Should you try it or even use it? Here are my thoughts on Novi Builder.

Novi Builder – Templates and “Ease of Use”

Novi Builder is a great tool… For a developer who knows what they are doing. If you don’t know programming and you want to drag and drop elements on your site, Novi Builder is not for you. Novi Builder is a really good tool, but you have to know at least HTML in order to even start working with the tool. You could, of course, wing it, but that won’t work in the long run.

Novi Builder allows you to use HTML templates, really clean ones, and to drag and drop them in order to make your own site.

Sounds like a joy for a beginner? It is not, not at all. But that is not a bad thing. 

Since beginners can’t really use the tool, this means that experienced developers can make great use of it, and customize their new sites to their heart’s content.

An Experienced Developer’s Paradise

Novi Builder actually helps experienced web developers a lot, those who know how to handle HTML, JavaScript and other web programming languages. Since the elements are drag and drop, it is easy to add them, but in order to actually customize things, you have to deep dive into the code, particularly if you want to add third-party elements.

Regarding third-party integration, Novi Builder is pretty good, giving you access to services such as Google Analytics, Mail Chimp, and more. Since third-party apps are easy to integrate, the site will be easy to maintain and use by anyone who will eventually take it over.

And the Bad Things?

Not every tool is perfect and neither is Novi Builder. Novi Builder has decent support but it could be a lot better. For a good developer, it is good enough, but beginners will have a hard time with this ‘drag and drop’ experience. 

Likewise, Novi Builder has some limitations in the sense that you cannot really do everything with this tool, like establish forums, chats and similar social media interactions, though that is to be expected. There are not that many bad things about this builder.

The Overall Verdict

Novi Builder is actually a really good tool for a person who knows what they are doing with web development, particularly HTML, CSS and JS. The entire process of building a site is simplified and made a lot easier, through easy to understand templates and plugins which are well-prepared and require only a little editing to work properly. 

Another great thing about the builder is its price, from the simple template price for beginners, to a very enticing lifetime price. 

If you are an experienced developer, consider Novi Builder if you want a simple way (for an experienced developer) to build a site, using various HTML templates and premade plugins. 

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