Why Python is Taking Over the World

As far as technology is concerned, there are so many good programming languages out there, that we cannot simply choose one and be done with it. When people learn programming, they learn multiple languages, simply because they are tools. A language is a way of saying something to the machine, and different languages allow you to say the same thing, sometimes more efficiently.

In some situations, you will need a low level language like C, where you need every bit of data and memory used as perfectly as possible. At other times, you can use PHP and use memory as you see fit, as if it is not a limited resource.

Some languages, like Python, are getting ever so slightly more popular by the day, to the point that people are considering them one of the best ever programming languages. Some even say that Python is taking over the world.

Here is why Python is a great programming language.

Easy Syntax – Understandable and Easy to Learn

When you start learning Python, you start feeling like a genius. All of a sudden, you are telling a machine what to do and it’s working on the first try. That has to feel good, but not only that, you’re actually able to learn something and retain it, because you can understand the language, it makes sense.

Python’s syntax is intentionally easy to understand, which makes it one of the best beginner languages. When you can skip the whole learning syntax by heart bit and move on to already using the syntax to solve problems, then you know that the language is very user friendly. 

Since it’s so easy to pick up, even non-programmers can read it, which makes their jobs easier, if they’re a webmaster, for example.

Used in Web Development

The web makes up a lot of the programming world. Web development is a popular career choice and is likely going to stay that way. As mentioned above, Python is easy to understand, which makes it a great language to use if you want to write for the back-end, but also if you want to make applications.

Being simple and understandable, non-programmers can interact with the code and actually fix bugs should they occur, rather than contacting a developer and paying tons of money for a simple task. Whenever something is extensively used in web development, its popularity skyrockets.

Data Science Language

Python is great for data science.

Most data scientists need a language that can handle a high throughput of data. Python is good at that, as well as handling lots of new things, because the technology supporting Python gets updated very frequently. 

The benefit of a very popular language is that it stays relevant and is updated very frequently to leverage anything new and useful in the tech world. As such, Python is a favorite among data scientists.

Python is a great programming language that is good in many use cases, from general programming to web development, machine learning, data science and anything that comes to mind. Try it and see for yourself.

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