Why You Should Be Using Web Development Tools

Why build something complicated that takes a whole lot of time, when you can do something in only a couple of steps and make it simple and easy to do? Well, people like complicating things and there is often a good reason why you should complicate things, but not in the case of web development, unless you are building something private and secure for a company which has very sensitive information.

Regular web development could benefit from web development tools. The very programmers would benefit a lot, not to mention the clients who wouldn’t have to wait for their product. Here is why you should be using web development tools, as well as which tools to use.

Why Use Web Development Tools

Since web development is not something you do once and forget, it is important to adapt and use resources that allow easy management and correcting errors over time. Web development tools were created to make these types of experiences much easier, to make them streamlined, as it were. 

There must be some compromise? Maybe for those who want the ultimate speed, safety or whichever customizable part that you could in theory build better if you were doing it from scratch.

For most people, there is zero compromise, just a good web development and later, maintenance experience.


Bootstrap is an amazing piece of work that allows you to use various code snippets and UI elements that you can basically install as you please. It is open source and it is pretty easy to use, all things considered. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are on the table, making front-end development that much easier. Bootstrap also supports other tools such as Sass and JQuery, which makes it an invaluable dev tool for any front-end developer or anyone who wants to make their front-end development easier. 


GitHub is a hug for programmers, containing open source code that can be used for almost any purpose.

GitHub can give you what you need to start your site or any other web development project. Just browse through the projects and you will find something you need for your own use case.

You can also contribute to other projects by submitting your own code, which is the way it should be.


WordPress is the world’s most popular choice for hosting your own site, primarily made for blogging sites. Typically you can host your own stuff with PHP and MySQL, which are both solid choices. WordPress is very easy to use and operate and with basic knowledge of programming and a couple of tutorials, anyone can have their site up and running.

There are tons of tools that you could use to build your sites like Apache, MongoDB, Redis, SublimeText, Sass, Envato, and many more. These tools serve to help you start your site’s front-end and back-end, to speed up the process and avoid all the hassle of having to do everything from scratch.

While it could be worth it to build things from scratch, most of the time it is good to use web tools.

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