Is Codecademy Good For Beginners?

Courses are important for beginners. Everyone needs to start learning somewhere if they want to get good at whichever skill they want to learn. Programming and coding are difficult skills to get into, and even more to master. There are a plethora of sites which are relatively decent for people who want to learn how to code.

Today’s site is Codecademy, which is considered a decent site to learn programming on. Or is it? Let us see if it is a decent match for beginners and what kind of coding could you learn there.

How Codecademy Works?

For starets, codecademy is a site which offers courses on all types of programming, for free. That’s right, it’s a free site to use, and with that in mind, it already has more value than other, competitor sites, namely because your return investment is knowledge and you keep your money.

Codecademy has structured and organized courses, but other than that, the human element is lacking, in the sense that there is very limited support. This is okay, for those beginners who like getting their hands dirty and realize that they can’t use a single source to learn. Conflicting sources might cause problems for beginners who want to get the basics down, but sometimes you have to go off the beaten path if you want to learn something that is lacking. 

What Can You Learn on Codecademy?

Codecademy is pretty good when it comes to covering a plethora of topics. If diversity is what you want, then codecademy is the place to go. Codecademy covers everything from languages to libraries and databases, so expect to see popular choices like Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and then the hardcore ones, like the C variants, if you want to program closer to the machine. 

Basically, they cover all topics on a beginner level, but you might want to get ready and learn more on the side. It is always good to have an actual book written by a programmer. Such books are overlooked but are worth more than their price indicates.

Decent and Extensive (For a Free Experience)

What Codecademy does really well is give you an experience which is hassle-free. They have a syntax checker in your browser. You don’t have to download a tool which lets you practice the language you want to learn, you can do it in the browser. This simplifies the process of learning, but it also doesn’t go the distance to teach you why you would need such a tool in the first place, which is an important aspect of learning to code.

It’s a Beginner-Only Site

This is the only downside of Codecademy. You will learn various things about the syntax and specifics of a language, but that’s where it ends. You don’t really dive deeper into the various intricacies which make the language interesting and complicated at the same time.

Codecademy is a great place to learn coding for beginners. It is free and has simple and easy to understand courses which allow you to practice in your browser. 

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