Why Web Development Is Incredibly Important for Websites

The internet is full of content we consume on a daily basis. We interact with that content every single time we open up a browser or use our applications. Websites, in particular, tend to suffer when development and deployment is poor, when the designers and the developers weren’t feeling up to the task.

A good site needs to have good support from the developers, otherwise it is not going to look good or feel good. With this in mind, web development plays a vital role for websites and here is why.

What is Web Development, After All?

It is easy to say that something is important but not specify why and how it impacts the thing that it is important to. Web development is the process of building websites, from a programming point of view.

Like anything that works on a computer, websites also run code. That code is turned into images and text and everything else that you see on the site. Well, that is a part of it, anyway, the front-end.

Whenever you click something and the server is brought into the picture, then it has to react, power up parts of the code, deliver what you wanted and display you more content. That part is the back-end.

Both parts need to work flawlessly and in unison if you want to have a functional website and here is why.

The Front-end – What the User Sees

This is an important part of a website, mostly because of the user and user experience. Today, focusing on user experience is one of the most important bits of any product or service. The user needs to be satisfied and they need to have a good time.

For a website, that means that the design should be intuitive and user friendly, while also being interactive and likable. That’s a lot to do, meaning the designer has their job cut out for them, but also the developer, who needs to make sure that the designer’s design isn’t hampered by the code. 

Everything the user sees and interacts with is the front-end, which is why front-end developers have a serious job.

What the User Doesn’t See – The Back-end

This is the part that the user never sees in person, but they do get the benefits of a working back-end, such as an actually functioning site. The back-end is the core and the logic that powers the site. Everything that the site does when you click a button is first done in the back-end, the core, and then the request is pushed towards the user, and the result, the web page, is generated.

The back-end is the engine, while the front-end is the looks, the visible functionality and the buttons. You can’t use the buttons if the machine has no power or its engine doesn’t work. 

As you can see, web development literally allows websites to exist. When the sites are working properly you now know that the developers have been doing a great job.

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